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Selected One Person Exhibitions

  • 2009     DUALITY
                 DCP David Cunningham Projects,San Francisco, CA.
    2003     NATION ONCE AGAIN”
                 Geo Art Contemerano, Bari Italy
    1996     RECENT WORKS,
                 Pantazidis Gallery, Athens, Greece
    1996     NEW WORKS,
                 Gallerie Studio Legale, Caserta,  Italy
    1995     SHAME
                 Limerick City Art gallery. Ireland
                 Anya von Gosseln Gallery, Dublin. Ireland
                 Orchard gallery Derry N. Ireland
    1994     NEW WORKS
                 Green On Red Gallery , Dublin, Ireland
    1992     Paintings
                 Temple Bar Gallery , Dublin Ireland
    1992     PAINTINGS
                 Arts Council Gallery, Belfast N.Ireland
    1989     NO-THING
                 Kerlin Gallery, Belfast N. Ireland
    1988     Window installation
                 Arts Council Gallery, Belfast N.Ireland
                 Project Arts centre, Dublin. Ireland

  • Selected Group Exhibitions

  • 2017. ARTPORT MAKING WAVES Climate change film festival

  • 2014     HORSE DRAWN Contemporary artists study the form, Gallery of Photography Dublin, Ireland.

  • 2013     GREEN SCEEN FESTIVAL. COOL STORIES, Mouse trap. Film Society of Lincoln Center, New York, NY.

  • 2012     THE HORSE SHOW  RHA, Dublin, Ireland,  and touring Europe. 

  • CINEMA PLANETA, International Environmental  Film Festival, Cuernavaca, Mexico.

  • 2010     ART BEYOND ULSTER collective history of Irish Art, Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast, N.Ireland

  •              MAGMART International Videoart Festival,

  •              Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, Naples, Italy. 

  • 2009     Gems from the collection,Farmleigh gallery,Dublin.

  •              Artport,Institut Francais, Valencia.

  • 2008     Highlights, DCP, San Francisco

  •              Souvenirs from the earth, German cable Art Network

  •              Festival de l´Image Environnementale,Paris 

  •              Cool stories,Bridge Art Fair New York, 200

  •              Cool stories,Lincoln Center,Walter Reade theater New York, 2008                           cont.

  • 2007     POOL, Art Fair, 2007 Miami, Florida 

  •              DIVA, Digital Video Art Fair, 2007 Paris                                                                      

  •              ARTPORT, Valencia Art Fair 2007

  •              JAM ART, Palma De Mallorca                                                                               

  •              Strange Weather, DCP, San Francisco

  •              ARTPORT, Marc de Puechredon Galerie, Scope, Basel 2007

  •              Film&Video, gallery 825, Los Angeles                                                                                           

  •              Gems from the Collection, Butler Gallery, Kilkenny, Ireland

  • 2006     Matter of Time,Betty Cuningham Gallery, New York

  • 2005     .Evil Film festival, New York, N.Y

  •              Creative Time Auction, New York

  • 2004     The Lab Gallery New York N.Y

  •              Darklight 5, Digital FIlm Festival, Dublin, Ireland

  • 2003     Last Supper , Castel dell Ovo, Naples , Italy

  •              Inaugurazione, Museo Laboratorio DI Citta S,.Angelo, Italy

  • 2002     Plantone in Mirror, De Crescenzo e Vesti, Rome, Italy

  •              Nolivegirls, Time Sq. New York, NY/ Lance Fung Gallery NY.

  •              Video Blue, Offida, [AP] Italy.

  • 2000     Irish Arts 2000

  •              Studio 1019, Washington, DC

  •              Sharing Lunch, 304 Gallery, New york, NY

  • 1999     Berlin Art Fair,  Galerie Jan Wagner, Berlin, Germany

  •              Overhead / Oversite, Shark Gallery, New York, NY

  •              Stations of the cross, ABC No Rio Gallery, NY.

  •              Dream Machine, Gallery Jan wagner , Gallery Jan Wagner, Berlin, NY 

  • 1998     La Macchina dei Sogni, Belvedere Di S.Leucio, Caserta, Italy  

  •              Corto Circuito, Palazzo Reale, Naples, Italy

  •              Welcome, Ex Manifattura, tabacchi, Citta, S. Angelo, Pescare. Italy

  •              Soft Bundle, Laboratorio, D`Art , Contemporanea, Citta S.Angelo, Italy

  •              Fiac Bologna, Contemporary art fait, Bologna, Italy 

  • 1997     Crash, Ex Officina, Casert, Italy

  •              GamblersPalazzo Reale, Ass.Cultura Mediart, Casert, Italy

  •              La Bella Addomentata Palazzo Basile, Citta S.Angelo,PE Italy

  •              Small PaintingsGreen on Red gallery,Dublin ,Ireland

  •              Citta ApertaCentro Storico, C,Angelo, PE. Italy

  •              Mutoidi Maschio Angioino, Naples. Italy

  • 1996     Fouri Uso 96, Pescare.Italy

  •              Straniero In Mondo St Anieri, Galleria Stududio Legale, Caserta, Italy

  •              A4 favors ,L Gallery, Liverpool, England

  •              Art of the StateTouring exhibition , Ireland , England, France and Belgium

  •              Image Of EuropeTouring exhibition , Cyprus and Europe

  • 1995     12 Irish Artists From Ireland, Itami City, Japan

  •              Art in Progress, Anya von Gosseln Gallery, Dublin,Ireland

  • 1994     Beyond the partition , touring Ireland and England

  •              Arts Lux, Bologna and touring major Italian Cities.

  •              Rien A Signalar, Gallerie Analix, Genève, Switzerland

  •              Ten Years Of the British School at Rome,RCA , London , England

  • Residencies/ Fellowships

  •              1989-90  British School at Rome, N Ireland Scholarship, British School at Rome , Italy

  • Awards/ Commissions

  • 2006      Artists Fellowship Inc., Bursary
    1999      Arts Council of Ireland ,Major Bursary
    1996      Cultural Relations committee, Foreign Department Grant, Ireland
                  Arts flight,Arts Council of Ireland, t ravel award.
    1995      Arts Flight Arts Council of Ireland travel Award                                                            cont.
    1995      Arts Council of Ireland Studio assistance Grant
    1994      Arts Council Major Bursary Grant
    1993      Arts Flight Arts council of IrelandTravel Award Grant
    1989      Rome scholarship,Arts Council of N.Ireland,Rome Scholarship.
    1987      Bursary, Arts Council of N.Ireland                                                                                     

  • Collections

  •               The Butler Gallery, Kilkenny, Ireland
                  MLAC Museo Laboratorio di Arte Contemporanea Rome,Italy
                  Pantazidis GalleryAthens , Greece                                                                                                                                                 
                  Galleria Studio Legale, Caserta ,Italy
                  Green on Red Gallery, Dublin, Ireland
                  Terra cotta gallery, Thessaloniki. Greece                                                                                                         
                  304 Gallery New York, NY
                  National Concert Hall, OPW Dublin, Ireland
                  Limerick City GalleryLimerick, Ireland
                  Gallerie Van Wagner Berlin, Ireland
                  Private Collections in, USA, England, Ireland,Italy

  • Recent Publications

  • 2014      Irish Arts review ,  Spring edition by Perry Ogden

  • 2009      NYArts magazine, Dec/Jan Edition 2009 

  • 2007      Start magazine, Spring Edition 2007,  by Desmond Short 

  • 2006      Chase Boris, Dietl Limited edition DVD publication

  • 2005      Crudelia ? Francis Dermot on simon reilly 

  • 2004      Flash Art , June-July issue #240 essay By Antonella Marino

  • 2003      Crudelia, February - March, simon reilly by Marta Massoli,
                  Pierogi 2000 press Press #9Tre Artisti in Barca, catalogue by Massimo Sgroi  

  •               Platone in the Mirror  by Massimo Sgroi

  • 2001      Lunch, catalogue by Joe Maynard

  • 1999      La Macchina Dei Sogni, Catalogue by Massimo Sgroi
                  Wholeday Book, Introduction by Seamus Heaney.
                  Soft Bundle, Museo Laboratorio D`Art Contemporanea catalogue
                  Welcome,  Mostra D`Art Contemporanea, catalogue by Renalto Bianchini
                  Sengo  Art Magazine, winter 98
                  Corta Circuito European 5th Short Film and Video Festival catalogue

  • 1997

  •               Crash,Studio Legale , caserta, Italy catalogue by Digotto Vecchio 

  •               Citta Aperta Catalogue on CD by Massimo Sgroi

  •               Gamblers Catalogue by Renalto Bianccini

  •               La Bella Addomentata Catalogue by Renalto Bianccini

  • 1996
                  Fouri Uso Catalogue by Cesare Manzo
                  Cyberspace video catalogue by Barbara Rossi and Massimo Sgroi
                  National Drawing collection of Ireland Catalogue by Paul O`Reilly
                  Art of the State Published by Office of Public Works, Ireland
                  Shame Published by Orchard City Galley, Derry Ireland , Introduction By C.M .Leigh
                  Image of Europe Published by Gianni Romano.
                 12 Irish Artists Published by Orchard Gallery and Itami Museum of Art ,Japan, introduction by Noreen O`Hare